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Why Childrens Books? To swiftly answer this... #childrensbooks

Updated: Jun 28

My lifelong passion has been writing children's books. When questioned about why I chose this path, my answer is simple: I have been crafting children's stories since the age of 14. It was not due to external encouragement, but rather a need to express my emotions and experiences. Growing up, my family's frequent tours, particularly with #DonnaSummer, provided me with a unique perspective. Each concert felt like a captivating performance, brimming with enchantment and excitement. Witnessing the audience's joy from backstage was always a thrilling experience, offering a glimpse into the intricate magic behind every show.

Once, during a lengthy break from touring when we were back home and life was settling into a new routine, I found myself feeling disconnected from my sisters. In response, I started retreating to my rooftop, where I would write stories. Initially, it was a means of coping with my emotions, but it soon evolved into a way of crafting limitless worlds of my own imagination.

Upon discovering my talent, I became determined to write for children in order to bring joy to their faces, similar to the joy I experienced as a child. I was unstoppable in my pursuit of writing stories, poetry, and content for others during my teenage years. Above all, I found a sense of purpose in doing so.

If you have an interest in self-publishing and would like to discuss it, I am here for a consultation. Feel free to reach out to us...

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