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Author Adrian B. Davis


The 8 Year Old Authors Story

     An American author,  born in Ontario California on December 19th, 2013. Born to Reverend Gerardo A. Gainesbernard MBA and Monica Bernard and would share a home with five siblings, his little sister being Parker Daisy. His childhood was forged in adversity, overcoming obstacles that would represent. However, he would prevail and develop a fortitude that would impress any who would witness this young man and his journey. Much like his namesake ( Adrian Ladonna Gaines (Donna Summer) who gave his father permission to name his child after he is very creative. He excels in language arts and has an early interest in reading and writing. Recognizing his passion and talents, his father mentored his efforts and helped him to create his first published work at the age of 8. His debut effort, "The Armadillo Man", will be released in early 2023.

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